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Director of Finance

Director of Finance Michael Kronsburg

Michael Kronsburg received his B.A. in Economics from UCLA and is a licensed California Real Estate Broker specializing in commercial mortgages. As an experienced direct lender, mortgage broker and “hands-on” real estate investor, Michael concentrates his efforts in commercial lending; including non-owner occupied residential investment real estate loans. He has successfully sourced, originated and closed over $500,000,000 in residential and commercial loans throughout the United States. With over 25 years of loan origination experience, Michael has cultivated relationships with numerous private and institutional money sources, including hedge fund managers. These important relationships afford him access to an extensive and diverse source of capital in addition to his own resources. As a “hands-on” investor focusing on residential “fix and flip” properties and ground-up construction, Michael brings a unique perspective and insight to every transaction with which he is involved.

Mike-Kronsberg-Arcstone Direct Hard Money Lender

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