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Recourse & Non Recourse Commercial Lenders

Commercial and Bridge Loan Financing

Arcstone specializes in both recourse and non-recourse first mortgage commercial and bridge loan (swing loan or gap funding) financing for investment single family residences and condos, multifamily properties (including 2-4 unit investment properties), commercial and industrial properties located in solid real estate markets. (See Property Types for a complete list of properties we will consider for financing)

We also offer short-term bridge loan financing for both the credit qualified and credit impaired. These include customers who have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure on their credit report in recent years.

Commercial non recourse lenders

Interest rates start as low as 6.75% on our stated income commercial and bridge loan products and can have an I/O (interest only) payment or the loan can be amortized over 30 or 40 years and have a 3,5 or 7 year fixed component. Interest rates are a function of property type, income and credit and will vary depending on each loan scenario. Please contact me via email or by phone directly at (310) 341- 0306 for a fast and free loan evaluation. (See Interest Only for more information about these types of loans)

Numerous clients have turned to Arcstone after they have been either turned down or delayed for financing by a bank or other financial institution due to credit blemishes or property issues.

Our commercial and bridge loans are designed to provide our client the flexibility of a structured loan while offering them the opportunity to eventually lock into the most favorable permanent financing after the asset has been renovated and/or repositioned and current rents have been stabilized.

Our commercial loan financing rates start as low as 3.85% for borrowers with excellent credit and stable cash-flowing property and who are looking to lock in a low interest rate for a longer term.

Recent Closed transactions:
Commercial loan closed for an owner of a Taco Bell restaurant who had excellent credit but did not want to go through the full documentation and time necessary for a traditional commercial bank loan.
Commercial loan closed for a client who was looking for rehab money to assist him in remodeling approximately 40 rental units in his 85 unit commercial property.
Refinanced a non-owner occupied condo so the owner could rehabilitate the unit from the proceeds.
Provided the purchase money financing for investment properties for clients who wanted to add to their investment property portfolio.
Provided financing to spec home builders who needed additional monies to finish their project. Our loan amounts were calculated using the spec homes ARV (After Rehab Value)

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