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Refinance Cash Out

California Private Lending for Commercial Refinance Cash Out Scenarios


We offer low interest rate commercial refinance loans for several different commercial mortgage requirements. If you cannot get bank loan refinancing we may be able to assist in getting you a low interest rate commercial refi. Our adjustable rate commercial apartment loans start at 2.75%. This is a conventional refinance loan and covers rates and terms for quantifiable debt service ratios and credit returns.  Contact us even if you have bad credit and need a commercial refinance loan.


Stated income refinance loans:


Commercial, industrial and residential (investment property) refinancing is a "middle ground" in terms of low interest rate refinance. No income verification loans for self employed start at 6.5% for qualified investors. Many new business are website based and may not qualify for a bank loan as being "self-employed. We are California stated income refinance lenders for commercial proprieties, apartments, rental properties and residential investment/income real estate.


Refinance with a hard money loan :

Can I get a residential or commercial refinance hard money loan? Getting a residential investment property or commercial building refinance loan is probably the last stage in real estate financing. It is important to have a realistic exit strategy goal for either bad credit refinance or cash flow business investments. We provide long or short term low rates for California  refinance loans. Commercial mortgage refinancing via alternate bankable loans can assist investors, real estate business owners and companies needing quick funding for taxes, expansion or other investments.


Whatever your investment property refinance requirements are, Cal hard money lenders can execute problematic real estate refinancing structures for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego San Jose and San Francisco CA investors.

Contact us today and talk with a residential and commercial loan specialist in Southern California  that can help steer you to the best finance product to match your refi needs.

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