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Stated Income Refinance

Stated Income Refinance Loan | Self Employed Real Estate Lenders




If you are looking for a stated income refinance loan California hard money lenders can assist with low cost self employed refinancing. If you cannot qualify for a conventional residential or commercial financing option stated income may work for you. A Stated income real estate loan is cheaper than private hard money but is more dependent on a good FICO score. Investors seeking interest only loans need to know all of the benefits of select programs for private hard money, bridge funding and stated income no doc refinance.

Stated Income Refinance

Rental Property Loans Apartments multifamily, SFR stated income loan lenders.


 Stated Income refinance what are the qualifications?


The qualifiers for a residential SFR or commercial stated income loan are basically a healthy down payment ( 25-35%) and a minimum credit score of 640-650. There are a few stated income lenders that address interest rates below 4% but there may be a large cash reserve held for the continuum of the loan. We work with nationwide real estate investors many that can get excellent rates from a “self employed real estate loan” ask about our low rates with no upfront fees.



As with all types of private real estate financing, there are risks you need to address getting a stated income refinance loan. The variance between SBA commercial loans underwriting is a polar opposite to no doc refinancing, conventional commercial lending. If you are a business owner looking for venture capital you may look into your own property as a source of cash out income.



Interest only real estate financing has many alternatives, make sure you are well matched to your loan scenario. We can assist in terms of the best interest rates, non recourse bridge loans, commercial stated income refinancing and direct hard money lending. Contact us today for your next apartment loan, multifamily financing, private commercial or residential real estate loan. We offer nationwide stated income loans and direct hard money for Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, the Bay Area, Southern and Northern California

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